Listen to music by Danny Fontaine & The Horns Of Fury

Once described as “The band without a genre” which of course isn’t entirely true, in fact I’d say that we had too many. Take a journey in ska, gypsy, punk, progressive, and alternative rock. Hear vocal soundscapes reminiscent of The Beach Boys or Queen, with the crunchy reverb-guitars of the days of The Clash. Organs, accordions, clarinets, keys, melodicas and a plethora of percussive items…it’s all there. Listen to music for free right now and let us know what you think!

The Horns of Fury are always writing, and always playing music so fear not for there are many more songs in the pipeline for recording including our popular live hits “The Cowboy”, Destiny’s child cover “Survivor” (as a ska song obviously) and Danny Fontaine’s magnum opus – “The Exorcism”.

We have music videos for The Butcher and No More Girlfriends which you can watch here.

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