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Horns Of Fury RIP

Dear droogs. My heart aches and my fingers bleed, But indeed my deed is to write this read. Horns Of Fury, Rest In Peace. It is your time. Danny Fontaine & The Horns of Fury will be putting on a final show in London this September – it’ll be emotional, and it’ll be epic. More to come soon. The Horns Of Fury would never had existed without you. Thank you, thank you, and thank you again to all who have supported us over the last 10 years. We’ve sung, we’ve played, we’ve danced, we’ve laughed, we’ve cried, and we’ve drunk a lot of beer. We’ve done the Monday night dives, the hotels in Bournemouth, we’ve played pretty much every venue in London, we’ve done festivals, speakeasies, front rooms, churches, parties, weddings, fates, gardens, conventions, Christmas, and New years eve shows…and I’m gonna miss it like hell. And thank you to the band members who’ve been on this crazy train: TMAG, Tom Bone, Mister Tat, Jules, Missy, Big Dave, Mikey, Greg, Horse, Matt, Brendan, Griff, Joseph Le Strange, & Martin. You guys rock. Lord, strike me down if I’ve missed anyone out. Apart from the final show in September, we’ll also be working on finishing the first (and last) album, and goddammit, Chris Lincé and the crew have done it again. Please allow me to make the premiere announcement of “The Cowboy”, a brand new music video by Danny Fontaine & The Horns Of Fury, and guest starring Dylan Fontaine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d4b5iUkTbHk I can’t thank everyone enough for the last third of my life in the band – hopefully we’ll see... read more

The Horns of Fury take on the Wild West and win, get a new trumpeter and then go one louder…GIGS!

Hello. So it’s halfway through the year, and good fuck we’ve been busy. Firstly, our new song The Cowboy is done and dusted and available for listening and buying. Among the many flattering comments we’ve had: ‘yes’, ‘thanks’, ‘that’s good’, ‘a triumph’ (The Sun). Listen and download here. And send us your opinions and comments. Next up, our line-up has changed a bit. At the end of 2012 we waved goodbye to long-suffering serving trumpeteer Greg who is trying to break into the high-energy Putney badminton scene and so could not afford the time to be in the band. We replaced him with an impertinent young upstart named ‘Big Dave’ whose lips appear to be made from cast iron and who is undoubtedly a worthy addition to our ranks. Welcome Dave. Dave says hi. And then we thought, ‘is 7 members enough?’ Surely 8 members is better! So we recruited guitarist and general soundscape noisesmith MIKE PAIN. We’ve gone one louder. Mike made his DFATHOF debut at our June gig in Shepherd’s Bush. Welcome Mike. Hang on…is 8 members enough??? Etc etc forever, until everyone, including you, is in the band. Pics of these new people can be found in the pics bit. Next gig is the Hootananny in Brixton, Fri 5 July. Free in before 10! If you haven’t been to the Hooty you haven’t experienced its party atmosphere and general hedonistic abandon vibe (read: drunk). More gigs in the ‘gigs’ link. And more recording to follow in the coming months!... read more

Keyboard/FX/noisemaker WANTED

This is exciting. Danny Fontaine & The Horns of Fury are a well known London band with Influences include Protemen, Muse, Queen, The Beach Boys, Madness, Pink Floyd, Bowie, Cash, The Clash, Green Day. We lost a trumpet player and now we’re thinking…we need something different. Something better. We don’t want to be another band playing the same old shite. We got much more to give the world than that… The songs can be narrative and dark, or bouncy and ska. We have trombone, alto sax, tenor sax. Some songs require piano. Some songs, ska organ, some songs dark organ. But then we can go further – can you trigger samples of marching zombie armies? Can you make Pink Floyds phaser’s sound like a toy gun? Do you love soundscapes, walls of sound, musicals, theatre, perfect timing and KILLER stage shows? Choirs of the dead and screaming strings?? We make music videos, we gig, we love music. We practice every Wednesday in a studio in South London. We play because we love music and love shows. Currently all money goes back in to the band to pay for recording, photoshoots, video, gear etc. We’re different to anything else out there – just check out the videos and tracks. As long as you’re 18 and have your own gear then you’ll get an audition.... read more

DFatHoF back in the Studio

The Horns of Fury are behind a microphone once again putting down what will become the latest DFatHoF epic, ‘the Cowboy’. We’re all really excited about this and no doubt you will be too! (It’s about a cowboy for crissakes, what’s there NOT to be excited about!?!) We have had the pleasure of recording with the formidably talented Paul ‘I am Giant‘ Matthews In his secret hidden laboratory in New Malden. Tat and Jules had Bass and drums down with textbook efficiency. It was first time recording for Missy, did she buckle under the pressure when the red light shone? “Hell no!” she rose spectacularly to the challenge! All that’s left is for Danny to put his vox into the mix: 12 part harmonies agogo! In true DFatHoF style a video is in the pipeline, so keep checking on our progress here to find out more. In other news we are getting greased up for our December gig at the world famous Fighting Cocks which promises to be quite a sheeeebang! More to follow… “Whip snap!”... read more

DFATHOF tear up STAYCATION at The Victoria

Going from a busy room to a crowded dance floor Danny Fontaine and the Horns of Fury ( DFATHOF), finished the night with their well-honed ‘orchestral death ska’ set. These guys are definitely a band that can fill a room quickly. Being only the second time I have seen DFATHOF since their addition of a new drummer and saxophone player, the band have certainly not lost any of the stage presence we love them for. If you didn’t know about the new band members you would think the group were the original line-up since the band formed in 2006. Playing their epic new number ‘The Butcher’ DFATHOF wowed their audience as usual. The beautifully crafted World War II inspired video to which, needs to be checked out by Fontaine followers and new comers alike. As entertaining as always, members of the band became part of the crowd as brass instruments made their way through the audience making the entire room their stage. Although throughout the fun and frivolity the message of the day was not lost by the band. “You’re not just here for the music”, urged the slick front-man, “put your money in the bucket.” DFATHOF were without a doubt on top form this bank holiday Sunday.   To read the full review, visit the wonderful... read more

When SEO goes wrong

SO I’m not exactly sure how this happened but it made me laugh so I thought I’d share. I spent some time looking at the bands SEO yesterday, hoping we’d come up trumps for things like ‘ska band’ and ‘London prog rock band’, but no. These are the TOP 10 keywords and phrases that people are typing in and getting to www.hornsoffury.com with… As TMAG pointed out, we are sort of a nudist family – just with clothes over the top. CLASSIC... read more

The Butcher – “it’s good but what does it mean?”

Dear diary, Hello. I’ve had a few people asking me about The Butcher lately. Even after they’ve heard the song, they’re still not entirely sure wtf I’m going on about. So here it is – the story behind Danny Fontaine & The Horns Of Fury 7 minute WW1 epic…   The Butcher   “Captain,” he said, “send ’em over – soon them all be dead anyway.” So “Men”, I said “go pick up your guns, full steam ahead, God save The King.” But now, I say, “hand me my new service colt instead – I’ll shoot myself” I don’t know when to fight no more with hands so red and clouded thoughts I’m scared – what’s real anymore??   I don’t know when to fight no more I don’t know who to fight no more I don’t know how to fight no more Or make anybody fight no more   I don’t know when to fight no more when men must die to win this war and I don’t know how to kill my men, and I don’t know how to rid these dreams cos I don’t know what’s real anymore.   FALL IN! STAND FAST! MOVE O’ER! I AM THE BUTCHER! AND MEN MUST DIE AT MY HANDS!   And the men, come marching in, 2 by 2, with loaded guns Carpe Diem, 2 by 2, hand grenades, be prepared. And the men, come marching in, 2 by 2, with loaded guns, Carpe Diem, ooh, 2 by 2, fall in.   You know if I was younger I would fight for the king myself but alack my valiant... read more

The Gig With A Lot Going For It.

Hello droogies. The Horns Of Fury are back in town and are headlining a preeeetty special gig. “Special why how?” I hear you spray. Well checkit: it’s in The Vic, Surbiton, right near the station with trains from waterloo, clapham, vauxhall, wimbledon etc etc. The Horns Of Fury will PREMIERE their magnum opus – THE EXORCISM (8 minute epic, obviously) 2 other AWESOME bands – David Goo and The Brass Kats A BBQ All proceeds to charity – it’s an official OXJAM event for OXFAM A kickass RAFFLE Real Ale BANK HOLIDAY MONDAY THE FOLLOWING DAY!!!!!   If that’s not got you wet then I don’t know what will. I really don’t. Meanwhile DFATHOF have released a rather superb music video for their hit song The Butcher. Watch it here, or find the song on iTunes. Well that’s it for now – 2 more gigs at the end of next month so await further communication. Peas out. Danny Fontaine & The Horns Of... read more

Horns out on loan with Penny Black, and more gigs

They wanted to see what it’s like with a horn section. (Clue: excellent.) So they hired us… This Friday 27th July, approximately 42.85% of the Horns of Fury will be teaming up with good friends and lovers The Penny Black Remedy, in superband-stylee, for a gig at London’s 12 Bar on Denmark Street. Night kicks off about 8.30pm. So sod this Olympic business and come down to see TMAG (tenor sax) MISSY (alto sax) and TOMBONE (tombone) blow themselves silly! Back in pure Horns of Fury news, we’ll be playing later in August and through September, and with a flurry of new songs, so watch this... read more

A new video, goodbye Horse, hello Jules & Missy!

So, yes. It took over a year in post production to finish, but our new video is OUT. Ladies and gentleman, The Butcher. Direct Link to Daily Motion [xr4rsv] With nearly 20,000 in the first weekend, were pretty stoked! The song is a tale about a WWI captain struggling with the guilt of sending his men over the frontline to their certain death. It’s prog rock, it’s got horns, it’s got about 49 different parts. The video features DFATHOF in full WWI military uniforms and was actually filmed in the place where they do Downton Abbey and a bunch of other BBC and ITV programs. It’s got guns, explosions, and we even managed to squeeze in a hot girl. The most extraordinary thing about the video is that the cast and crew, as well as the location owner, all worked for free. It’s amazing what you can do with a strong will and determination to succeed. I’d like to thank every single person who worked on the video, especially Chris Lincé who directed, came up with the concept, and did all the editing and post production. The good news is that we’re already planning our next video with him… To celebrate the release we premiered the video at The Hippodrome club in Kingston and played a set after with our good friends The Lagan. The night was extra special as we say goodbye to long-term member Horse, who’s moving on to pastures new in a 23 year old Mercedes with a map of Europe. Here’s been with us from the beginning and we’re gonna miss him. A lot. Of course every... read more

Big In The Jungle

Hello Droog, I’m itching in my pants to relay to you my upmost joy at the discovery of the video below; it appears the music of DFATHOF, London’s premiere orchestral progressive ska band has finally reached the Bolivian jungle! LOOK! Admittedly the sound’s a bit shite, but what do you expect from the darkest corners of our merry little planet? In other news, the band has been busy – for realz! We had a little secret at the 12 Bar club off Tottenham Court Road a couple weeks back, just to get new drummer Jules lubed and oiled for what is to come. We ran through The Horns Of Fury’s Greatest Hits to the delight of all 12 crowd-members, and left the stage drunk and sweaty. My axe was bloody, and the trombone was left glooping. Meanwhile, back in the studio we’ve been working hard on some NEW muthafucking songs and soon They Shall Be Released. It’s a summer of gigging fo’ shizzle my nizzles. To keep all updated and stuff, do check out our Facebook page. It has a voice like sand and... read more

“…Well kick me with your rhythm sticks, what a show!”

Compadres, Titus here… …Ended up missing the show due to other more pressing commitments (had to pop over to Calais to sell a bag of badger tails…long story) My agents keep me in the loop however, and I’m reliably informed the gig-goers at the 12bar got their moneys worth. As a manager, that’s all I want to hear. I’m proud of those lads; they’ve pulled a right blinder this time. Apparently those horns skanked up a right storm front of stage. The terrific rhythm section, sounding FRESH… other-side-of-pillow fresh. And as for Mr Fontaine himself… well, If any has been disturbed/brought to tears of jubilation by the performance, please leave a comment bellow. Many thanks, Titus Manager of the Horns of... read more

The Horns are alive with the sound of Fury

Well it’s been a little while since DFATHOF made a noise, mainly because our drummer done quit the band. We’ve had a few auditions but still on the look-out. In the meantime we’ve been writing some new hella awesome songs and discussing what dresses we’re all going to wear for our big relaunch Photoshoot. We also have word that the final edit of The Butcher (video) will be with us in early January, so we’ll be planning a big gig and screening around that, hopefully with a new drumgay. Whilst we wait for all that, our longtime friend and phenomenal artist The 5683 has designed us a totally amazeballs new t-shirt (design below). Check it out above. We do have one show booked and we’re bringing in Matt (our old drummer) for it. New Years Eve. The Proud Galleries, Camden. Midnight slot. More news coming soon, as well as new songs, new gigs, new releases, new videos and HOPEFULLY a new drummer. Ov Roir.... read more

Free songs, and a glimpse into my brain…

I’ve been writing songs since I was 15 – that’s nearly half my life. I’ve recently tried to collate them all, but there are hundreds. Some of them are terrible, but some of them, although good, may never be heard by another human (or animal or plant or anything) and so I thought I’d start posting a few online. They’re only demos but I still tried pretty hard. Today I’ve posted ‘Undead Army’. This is a song about an entire military army of zombies, chanting their war cry in unison. There are no instruments in the track, only vocals. You can download it or stream it, play it to your friends (or animals or plants or anything), and I’d love to know what you thought, so do leave a comment. Here’s the link for today: http://lnk.ms/QMByK Fontaine out.... read more

Horns Of Fury Invade Southampton, plus Tom Bone’s new hobby

Being in the music industry is a bit like wading through chest-high sludge whilst harnessed to a rabid donkey chasing a drowning rabbit in the opposite direction. Things take time. For the past year we’ve been working on 2 songs and 2 music videos. Soon mon droogies, they’ll be finished. And we’ll have a good cry. I have however written a song of my own for Jeff Vandermeer’s new anothology “ODD”.  You can read all about it here or watch the vid! In the meantime we have some gigs coming up in Southampton (@ The Hamptons) this Thursday 9th, and then The New Cross in London on the 17th June. We’ll be playing *BRAND NEW* material at these shows (like new upbeat ska number ‘That Guy’), so hopefully we’ll see yous there. In other news, Tom Bone has taken up the strange new hobby of collecting badger tails and stuffing his old pair of corduroys with them to create his own fluffy badger tail mannequins. His goal is to get them in every shop in Chissick, however so far he has only approached Poundland with his idea who dutifully declined. Poundland were unavailable for comment. Our thoughts and prayers are with Tom... read more

Fun With Guns

DFATHOF have just returned from an action-packed weekend in the DFATHO-COPTA. We began by playing our furious pants off at the illustrious 100 Club in Oxford St., on Friday night. We were joined once again by our good friends The Lagan, and also new friends ‘The Really Bad Habits’. Three 7-piece bands in a row. Shityeahthatscool. We arrived back home in Kingston at approximately 2am and enjoyed a glorious 2-hour nap before getting up again at 4am to shoot a music video for our summer-release ‘The Butcher’. Horse managed to find not only some authentic WWI uniforms, but an entire field full of trenches! The Butcher tells the tale of an army captain and his struggle with guilt as he sends his own men over the frontline, with the knowledge that they’ll die. Cool, huh? So we got back in the bus and travelled to Ipswich. We arrived at 6am and met the fabulous crew led by director Chris Lincé. The rest of the day was spent in the sweltering sun shooting guns, traipsing through trenches, and yours truly doing a WWI striptease. here’s Tom Bone doing his sexy tractor dance. We finally got done about 11pm and it’s SOOOOO gonna be worth it. We’ll be releasing it and have a big ol’ launch party in the summer so watch this space. The single will be a double A side and also feature ‘The Cowboy’. In the meantime we’ve got a load of gigs coming up so check out our shows page and we’ll see you at the bar!... read more

We’re Back.

DFATHOF are back with a new release…PLUNDER. The EP consists of 3 tracks, and is an upbeat menagerie of songs about pirates, computer games and shopkeepers. It’s been 6 months in the making but you’ll hear that in the Queen-esque harmonies, the Spector-esque wall of sound, and the incredibly witty lyrics about being gay for a computer game character. The artwork is , as always, by the wonderful 5683. The title track ‘Guybrush Threepwood’ tells the sordid tale of my childhood love for the one and only…. Guybrush Threepwood. If you’ve ever played Monkey Island®, you’ll understand how a pixelated pirate can take over your life. Track 2 is a song about mutiny aboard a pirate ship. A Captain. His Crew. An albatross. A sick parrot. Some stale biscuits. And some other stuff too. We’ve actually been filming the video for this using a green screen and whether it turns out great or shite, we had a proper good time filming it, especially when we had to repeatedly throw Matt The Drummer over a bit of wood. Look: That’ll be ready soon. The FINAL track on the EP is called ‘The Man In The Deli’. The song was written to outline the naivety that people face on a day-to-day basis because of language barriers, however made into something fun, not boring. I’m the naive one, the Man In The Deli  makes me look like a dick. But not to my knowledge. It’s based on a real man in a real Deli at the Ditmas Ave stop in Brooklyn, NYC where I used to live. He was proper cool and had pictures of him doing flying... read more